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  • Sunset sail around Portland Harbour & More !

    Sunset sail around Portland Harbour & More !

    Scheduled sailing trips start from the 1st of May 2019, From Portland Marina, DT5 1DX. Tall Ship Experience Days, sailing the Jurassic Coast a Unesco World Heritage Site, we are suitable for all ages and abilities. The Boat Trip on the 1st of May covers Portland Marina, Portland Sea Forts and Lighthouse, Portland Harbour, Nothe Fort and Weymouth Bay before stopping for Tea and Biscuits, taking in the sights then turning around and heading back home to Portland For bookings or any further information Call: 01929 289019 or Email: See Tripadvisor reviews here Click Here

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  • Fossil Hunting

    Fossil Hunting

    Like hunting for fossils? you may unearth a gem Best places are Charmouth, Lyme Regis BUT always be careful by cliffs read signs for information and have a great time !

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  • Hotel exclusives

    Hotel exclusives

    Find a exclusive hotel room at great prices Hotels Unlimited

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