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Places to See

  • The Veterans Hub Weymouth

    The Veterans Hub Weymouth

    Raising money for the Veterans Hub Weymouth, a veteran run service providing peer support to Veterans and their families in the local community. The Veterans Hub was founded in 2017 by a local man called Andy Price, who served in the Armed forces as well as working in the private military industry for several years in the Middle East and Africa. On returning to civilian life he realised that the transition for military personnel to civilian can often be a difficult one to navigate and that our government does not have the correct support networks in place to help them. Those suffering from PTSD and mental health issues can often feel isolated and have difficulties adjusting to the ‘real world’. On asking for support they often find there are long waiting lists, or even a total lack of…

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  • Poole Harbour Cruise

    Poole Harbour Cruise

    Click here For Details Scenic 70-min Poole harbour cruise, save 41%! For £5.25, you can hop aboard a cruise around Poole Harbour — one of the largest natural harbours in the world — and admire the surrounding beaches and bays for 41% less than usual.

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  • Things To Do

    Things To Do

    Spend a day on the award winning beaches , lovely golden sands at the town end phasing into slight shingle towards the pier. Hire a kayak or pedalo, Spend a penny in the seafront arcades . Visit the Nothe Fort. Visit sea life and go up the tower Ride the Noddy train Visit the FANTASY Island Fun Fair Bowleaze cove

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