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    What is M.V. Freedom? We are a charity called, ‘Friends of M.V. Freedom’ that has been registered since 1984. We provide an opportunity for people living with disabilities, the elderly and young people to experience a trip to sea. M.V. Freedom is the second vessel to be operated by the charity and has been adapted to safely carry a maximum of 12 passengers including four wheelchair spaces. The boat is moored in Weymouth Harbour and is accessed by ramp opposite the council buildings. She is Skippered and Crewed by trained volunteers. Our sole intention is to provide a very special adventure for our treasured passengers. We sail on the stunning Jurassic Coastal waters of Dorset and provide sightseeing, fishing and picnic opportunities. Our trip destinations vary between Durdle Door,…

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  • Weymouth Caravan at Seaview

    Weymouth Caravan at Seaview

    Someone just informed us they got a great deal on a Sun break at Seaview Weymouth on the 25th march 2019 it was just £40 for 4 nights and guess what they didn’t even have to pay for electric or passes ! JAN 4TH AHOY JAN 5TH ICED JAN 6TH WAXY JAN 7TH PEAR JAN 8TH HORN JAN 9th BIFF JAN 10th MOAT JAN 11th REED JAN 12th BARS JAN 13th Z8Q4  

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  • Weymouth Xmas Lights

    Weymouth Xmas Lights

    Here already ! Weymouth Xmas light turn on is Dec 1st between 5-530 pm FREE PARKING  

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